✦ Manifesto

Prologue: In its newest incarnation Wonder. Wisdom. Words. seeks to be a stylish slow media platform for growth and nourishment that sparks sunshine, soulfulness, synergy, sustenance, curiosity, consciousness and change, being brainy, beautiful, and beneficial. Welcome. Wander Well.

Wonder. Wisdom. Words. begins each day in forest time listening to the birds, has a mild obsession with trees, beautiful things, and all shades of Green, practices a willing suspension for disbelief, enjoys soulful, sophisticated subtext and existential meaningfulness, ponders paradox, depth psychology, ancient archaeology, elegant, holistic systems and schools of thought, appreciates the anthropology of beauty, whole-self wellness, the roads less traveled, and the metaphorical, nutritional value of devouring a finely crafted book.

Mairianne Giovanna Genova | Wonder. Wisdom. Words.