Artful Earth

April 22 will mark Earth Day worldwide, a day intended to inspire appreciation for our environment and raise public awareness around the world to the challenges regarding the well-being of the planet and all the life it supports. What began at the grass-roots level, is now an event in its 42nd year and observed in 175 countries. See Mobilize the Earth for resources and ways to get involved.


Mathilde Roussel, from Lifes of Grass, Structure -recycled metal, fabric, soil, wheat seeds, Exhibited at the 2010 Crossing the Line FIAF Festival at Invisible Dog Gallery & Brooklyn Utopias: Farm City at The Old Stone House Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, Photo: Matthieu Raffard, © Mathilde Roussel.


Mathilde Roussel is a French artist based in Paris. Her artwork explores the impermanent nature of life through botanical elements, providing visual commentary on evolution, metamorphosis, and modification. The work connects and compares the cycles we associate with nature and plants to the cycles of human life: birth, growth, fertility, aging and death. She creates hybrid forms combining plant elements and human shapes to question our relationship with nature and highlight what all living organisms have in common: perpetual change. Her work becomes a mapping of our body, an anatomy of time and space that we occupy by our fragile presence in the world. She is represented by Galerie Daniez et de Charette in Paris.