Turquoise Mountain

Turquoise Mountain was established in 2007 and works to promote the production and distribution of hand-made Afghan craft and design world-wide including traditional Afghan woodwork, ceramics, calligraphy, jewelry, and textiles, to regenerate Afghanistan’s traditional crafts and historic areas, and, in turn, create jobs, skills, and a renewed sense of national identity, in one of the poorest countries in the world. Using irresistible indigenous raw gems from Afghanistan -deep Blue Lapis Lazuli, sparkling Green Emeralds, rough Rubies, watery Aquamarines and multicolored Tourmalines- designer and anthropologist Pippa Small produces beautiful jewelry designs in her distinctive style inspired by ancient, tribal jewelry and the harmonious shapes found in nature, for the organization to raise money and awareness.


Turquoise Mountain Marjan Bracelet with Chrysocolla Stones by Pippa Small, Silver Gold Plate, Inspired by the sophisticated and ephemeral beauty of the Turkman flower designs of Central Asia. All jewelry is handcrafted in Turquoise Mountain’s Kabul studios by master artisans. 60% of profits from her Turquoise Mountain Collection go to the charity and the rest, to the artisans who were trained by her and produced these jewels in Afghanistan.


Turquoise Mountain Green Tourmaline & Flower Charm Necklace by Pippa Small, Very simple and elegant, an 18K Gold large buttercup flower drop faceted with a Green Tourmaline stone on a delicate chain. Afghan jewelry has a history spanning more than 3000 years and all stones in this collection are sourced there. In supporting Turquoise Mountain you are helping train and employ young women and men and give them a hope for the future.


Pippa Small is a couture jewelry designer and anthropologist residing in the U.K whose work is embedded in different cultures from all over the world -such as the San Bushman of the Kalahari, the Batwa Pygmies of Rwanda, and the Kuna in Panama, helping them to research their traditional designs to generate self-sufficiency and income, create a re-found respect for traditional materials, and pride in their creations. Small is as much known for designs that encapsulate a hand-made organic feel -featuring precious and semi precious stones, as she is known for her social consciousness. She believes the art of jewelry making can enhance life and help alleviate poverty and protect precious traditions, helping to grow the confidence of craftspeople around the world and reverse the tradition of exploitation associated with the gem industry over the centuries.

Small divides her time equally between her anthropological work and jewelry collections.You can see more of her lovely jewels and projects inspired by the talents of indigenous people around the globe on her website: Pippa Small