Chic Nest Eggs


Martha Stewart Living, April 2013, Nature-themed Decaled Eggs with an American Vintage Folk Art Aesthetic. Artful transformation! With signature lifestyle maven Martha Stewart flair. Craft on! Instructions here


Faux Pantone Easter Eggs, created by Graphic Designer Jessica Jones 2012, Dyed by standing them vertically in small cups of dye, typed labels printed on ink jet temporary tattoo paper (remember to print the words backwards!). Create and match the color numbers using your Pantone Color Swatches. Great for the interior-designer-in-all-of-us just-for-the-sheer-satisfaction-of-it-project. Colorful and clever!


If your inner artist is also an environmentalist, you may want to opt for Natural Dyeing Techniques. Where flower petals,herbs (think parsley), and leaves make for beautiful botanical designs & impressions. Some great natural & non toxic egg dyeing recipes use onion skins and other plant-based materials such as fresh beets, pre-boiled red cabbage, spinach, blueberry, coffee, tea and turmeric for creative coloring. Home-brewed concoctions like this are an eco-friendly way to get just the right ‘au natural’ tint to your holiday eggs. Most of these ingredients are also compostable, completing the cycle of life in both home and garden.


The technique of Herb-Imprinted Eggs in onion skin infused water is one of the oldest and most unusual natural methods to create beautifully golden-red eggs with artistic imprints. Artistic Tip: Consider using brown eggs for an earthier palette!