Like That Décor

There’s a new interior design app for your next decorating project that addresses the conundrum every décor lover knows well: After a long search, you finally spot the perfect love seat, lamp, armoire, or artisan textile, but it’s in your favorite museum, inn, restaurant, or boutique, or on Tumblr with no details -the all too common occurrence. What to do? Enter LikeThat Décor -a new tool from visual technology company Superfish, that enables you to search for décor with images, rather than words, to quickly realize your design aspirations. 


Steampunk Office Design, Point your camera at an object and within seconds the app will source the actual piece or dozens of comparable items from its broad list of retailers. It’s as simple as Snap it, Explore it, Find it. Visual search, as opposed to text driven -consumer’s primary method of locating specific images by typing keywords, is an entirely new way of exploring our world and expressing ourselves. An empowering new tool that has the potential to align the tastes and search behaviors of image-focused consumers -think active global users on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as artists and designers alike.

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LikeThat Décor App, The app also allows users to search categorically from a gallery of images, or upload images from favorite social sharing & design sites like Houzz -with over 4 million interior design photos. When you find a piece of furniture you like you can simply snap a photo and the app pulls up the actual image and or a variety of complementary pieces you may have never even thought of. The app’s database includes numerous products from top furniture brands to choose from. You can click on the image in the details section, providing product specifications and information on where to get the items, and then buy directly from the merchant.

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LikeThat Décor App, Expect to find familiar retailers like Restoration Hardware, Allmodern, West Elm, Wayfair, and Gilt, as well as lesser known indie retailers and up-and-comers; there are over a thousand merchants in the network. And if you’re just daydreaming about a project that’s not quite happening yet, the app lets you save your searches -so that perfect idea or statement piece will be waiting for you when you need it. The LikeThat Décor app is available free from iTunes.