Circles Of Compassion

Few living vegans are as influential and as compelling as Dr. Will Tuttle. His book ‘The World Peace Diet’ has been called one of the most important books of the 21st century, and many vegans and activists credit Tuttle with sparking their initial or eventual shift to veganism. Will and his wife, artist Madeleine Tuttle, travel the world giving lectures, workshops, and trainings based on the World Peace Diet, including veganism, spirituality, effective activism, and personal development -with upcoming events scheduled through 2015.


Tuttle is a former Zen monk with a Master’s Degree in Humanities and a PhD in Philosophy of Education, and his work is embedded with these twin threads of spiritual consciousness and intellectual examination. Now, he has assembled the works of 28 internationally recognized authors and activists for Circles of Compassion: Connecting Issues of Justice due to be released this Fall from the innovative new company Vegan Publishers. The book consists of a series of essays edited by Tuttle, that focus on how the seemingly disparate issues of human, animal, and environmental rights are indeed connected. The authors share their insights into the cultural, spiritual, emotional, and physical transformations they have experienced through their research and their work. While all the authors are vegan, their perspective is outward and engaged with the larger social order, to inspire the greater social matrix through the power of the vegan worldview to effectively create a peaceful and just world for all.

World_Peace_Diet_BookThe World Peace Diet: Eating for Spiritual Health and Social Harmony, by Will Tuttle, Paperback, 350 pgs, 2005. Incorporating systems theory, teachings from mythology and religions, and the human sciences, The World Peace Diet presents the outlines of a more empowering understanding of our world, based on a comprehension of the far-reaching implications of our food choices and the worldview those choices reflect and mandate. The author offers a set of universal principles for all people of conscience, from any religious tradition, that they can follow to reconnect with what we are eating, what was required to get it on our plate, and the aftermath of lasting effects. A powerful, courageous argument, one that many who are already vegetarians or vegans will read and find themselves nodding their heads over, and those new to these ideas, will be profoundly moved, and forever changed.


Vegan Publishers was formed in 2013 in Boston Massachusetts with a mission to publish a range of books that promote social consciousness and awareness related to veganism. With an interest in publishing books for children and adults that focus on positive themes emphasizing respect for all living beings. Vegan Publishers hopes to be at the forefront of the growing societal trend towards vegan living, spreading positive messages about veganism including but not limited to food, emphasizing kindness, respect, compassion, and healthy living.