Enchanted Forest


Woodland Perfume, This homemade blend truly smells like you just walked into the Forest. Uplifting, grounding, meditative, and comforting. Woodland Perfume is for you if you love the fresh Forest aroma and the great outdoors. Perfume you make yourself is free from synthetic chemicals and is fully customized to your personal taste. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Creating your own essential oils signature seasonal scent is a powerful way to express your individuality. Beautiful & Beneficial.


4 drops wildharvasted Spruce essential oil
2 drops organic Fir Needle essential oil
2 drops organic Cedarwood essential oil
1 drop organic Vetiver essential oil
1 drop organic Bergamot essential oil
1 tsp (100 drops) organic Jojoba Oil


  1. Drip all essential oils into a glass bottle of your choice & snap on the roller -I prefer a clear roller ball bottle for practical & aesthetic purposes.
  2. Roll between palms to evenly mix the oils. Add Jojoba oil, and roll again.
  3. Create an artful label to further personalize the perfume for yourself and or for seasonal gifting. Share it! Enjoy!


Use essential oils that are 100% pure aromatic distillates, certified organic, sourced from reputable distillers.

As with all essential oils, never use them undiluted. If you have sensitive skin or any serious medical condition, do not use essential oils unless advised by a physician or medical professional that it is safe.