Witch’s New Year

Witch’s New Year: Halloween/Samhain and Day of the Dead. This is when the veils between the worlds of matter and spirit, between past, present, and future are thin. It is the most magical time of Death, Rebirth, and Renewal. Whether on your own or in community, put aside some time and space to honor your ancestors, especially those who passed into Spirit this year, and to connect to those for whom we will be the ancestors, and honor those who were born this year. Meditate on the cauldron of transformation, ask for guidance around what is being cooked down in you, what you wish to leave behind as you enter the threshold of the new year. Write down one thing and make a symbolic offering to the fire by burning it, releasing that which you are letting go at the end of the old year in order to birth what you are bringing into being at the beginning of the new. Let us honor our beloved dead and realize we, too, will one day be remembered. Let us create beauty for the present and future generations. Blessed Be. ~Robin Rose BennettWiseWoman Healing Ways