Wellness Note

‘Swasthya’ is a Sanskrit word that means “established in oneself.” This is joyfulness, contentment, and perfect health. In our hectic lives it seems that Swasthya is an elusive concept. We tend to look for joy outside of ourselves, in work, relationships, or even with money. We think that more is better, and put our focus on the goals ahead of us, without noticing all the beauty that is among us right where we are. Fortunately, we are able to shift our focus.

Joy is within us. One way we can tap into that joy is with meditation. When we quiet ourselves we release the stresses that have accumulated, and allow the mind and body to get the rest it needs. We can further reap the benefits by supplementing our meditation practice with aromatherapy, herbal teas, warm baths, yoga and massage. Each component is an integral part of taking care of ourselves, of finding the balance that helps us to function optimally. We also need to be mindful of what we put into our bodies. Drink plenty of water to cleanse and hydrate the entire system. Eat fresh, nourishing foods. Most importantly, don’t postpone happiness. Do what you love. Be in a place of gratitude. Experience The Joy Within!