Flower Style


When one flower blooms, spring awakens everywhere. ~John O’Donohue

For The Love Of Flowers. Spring colors coming soon to a yard near you! Flowers are fun, beautiful, and inspiring. Wish you had the know-how to make any bunch of Spring flowers look elegant? With the right vase and these strategies from top floral designer’s, your inner arranger can finally bloom! Flower arranging has been a popular art for centuries, and many people consider the ability to create a perfectly balanced arrangement a great skill. While styles vary across the globe, many cultures seem to enjoy using floral symbolism, whereby each flower or aspect of an arrangement has a specific meaning. However, even if you don’t have in-depth knowledge about flowers or any special training in floristry, you can still create a beautiful flower arrangement by following a few simple guidelines. Learn the tricks and trades of the art of floral arranging from the experts and their new books.


The Flower Chef by Carly Cylinder, Hardcover, Published March, 2016.

The Flower Chef is a modern, comprehensive guide to floral design that caters to all readers -from beginners who have never worked with flowers before and are looking for a new creative outlet, to decorators, event planners and businesses looking to liven up their spaces. Even professionals will find ways to update their techniques. Carly Cylinder of Flour LA teaches you everything you need to know about flower arranging including tips on how to buy and care for flowers, how to cut and prepare them, and how to use floral foam, vases, and various other decorative elements in your arrangements. Filled with beautiful photographs and easy-to-follow instructions on how to create over 80 different arrangements, this is the go-to guide to floral design that every flower lover will want to add to their collection.


Styling Nature by Lewis Miller (Author), Don Freeman (Photographer), Nina Garcia (Foreword), Hardcover, Published March, 2016.

Renowned New York-based floral designer Lewis Miller presents a fresh take on the arrangement and display of flowers -discussing the approach to and the inspiration behind his lavish creations. Lewis Miller’s first book features lush, naturally lit still lifes of his beautiful arrangements and compositions. The designer, who has a background in horticulture and landscape design, describes his work as “sumptuous nature.” Organized by key factors that are considered for each piece -color, composition, movement, shape, and texture, the book is elegantly illustrated with Don Freeman’s painterly photographs and explains, arrangement by arrangement, the thoughts and motivations that guided the process. Vivid images and words give the reader profound insight into the artistry of flower arranging -providing the impetus to create floral works of one’s own. Additional information covers ways to handle and arrange flowers, prolong the life of an arrangement, and incorporate flowers into special occasions or simply into our everyday lives.


The Flower Workshop by Ariella Chezar (Author), Julie Michaels (Author), Hardcover, Published March, 2016.

Written by a celebrated floral designer and richly illustrated with full-color photography, this book not only provides step-by-step instructions for more than forty-five stunning floral projects from simple to spectacular, but also equips you with the skills to customize arrangements at home. Known for her hands-on flower workshops at FlowerSchool New York, Ariella Chezar walks you through the nuts and bolts of creating a variety of small flourishes, tonal arrangements, branch arrangements, handheld bouquets, wreathes, garlands, grand gestures, and more -all accompanied by detailed photography. Chezar offers advice and philosophy on everything from texture and color to foliage and containers, providing an overall approach to living and working with flowers, with an eye toward fresh, local, wild, seasonally influenced floral design. For every occasion, from relaxed and simple to lavish and monumental, The Flower Workshop celebrates the special moments in your life with fragrant floral arrangements and enhances your surroundings with abundant beauty.