Calendula Season

Garden Harvest Calendula Officinalis 

Calendula Officinalis is a beautiful golden hued flower with an earthy aromatic that is well-known throughout the world as a powerful healing plant. Its benefits have been used for thousands of years for myriad medicinal applications. It grows easily in most climates and generously blooms brightly Spring to Autumn often reseeding itself, returning again every year. Besides offering beauty wherever it grows, Calendula is multi-use must-have plant most herbalists would recommend growing yourself. This year Wonder. Wisdom. Words. planted a ‘Organic Mix Calendula Seed’ from the Hudson Valley Seed Company with a wide range of colors, from almost Cream to Bright Yellow to a Cool Peach color to the classic Vibrant Orange.

Beautiful + Beneficial Calendula 

Calendula is antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory + antiseptic, and is often grown to make healing and skin soothing salves. And according to Witchipedia Calendula symbolizes love and constancy and is great for wedding bouquets. It is the traditional “he loves me, he loves me not” flower and is useful for love potions, making wreaths to keep negativity away, and the flower’s petals are also a for dream pillows.

Homegrown + Handcrafted Calendula Tincture

This season, Wonder. Wisdom. Words. decided to craft a batch of Calendula Tincture with these healing flowers. This Do-It-Yourself oil with anti-inflammatory Calendula, leaves skin feeling soft, hydrated and calm. Great for skin in times of stress and transition. Making a botanical oil, salve or mist is a wonderful way to take the herbaceous flowers that you can grow in your backyard and easily turn them into something beneficial.