Dante’s Paradiso

For The Love Of Fall. Hello September.

We all have our favorite season, and Wonder. Wisdom. Words. favorite is the Fall. We love everything about Autumn. Always. It’s a special time of year that ignites wonder, sentiment, and nostalgia. The crisp, chill air, morning mist on the ground, brilliant Red Maple Trees, the tastes of Fall; ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin, caramel, apple cider and homemade pie, the spirit of Autumn; Holly and Sage, the backyard harvest and making preserves, the sound of crunching leaves under foot, hillsides of foliage turning a kaleidoscope of colors. Fall marks a time of magnificent landscape changes in many parts of North America. Enjoy the season!

Dante Lividini, Catnip, Wisetrees Series Illustration, © Dante Lividini.

Forests play a prominent role in many folktales and legends. In these dark, mysterious places, heroes can lose their way, face unexpected challenges, and stumble on hidden secrets. In myths and legends from around the world, trees appear as ladders between worlds, as sources of life and wisdom, and as the physical forms of supernatural beings -nature spirits were thought to inhabit trees and forests. The mythology of early India, preserved in texts called the Upanishads, includes a cosmic tree called ‘Asvattha.’ It is the living universe, an aspect of ‘Brahman,’ the World Spirit. This cosmic tree reverses the usual order. Roots in the sky, and its branches grow downward to cover the earth.

Dante Lividini, Mother Nature, Wisetrees Series Illustration, © Dante Lividini.

Dante Lividini is a New England-based illustrator, graphic novelist and 3-D animation artist whose work, constructed with considerable imaginative care, invites a mythological journey. With a Master’s Degree in Literature from New York University, and a background in teaching, Dante cleverly weaves the art of storytelling of all that is mysterious and miraculous in the natural world throughout his work, infusing it with meaning, depth, and metaphor.

Dante Lividini, Starsewn Graphic Novel, The Woggli Illustration, © Dante Lividini.

Dante’s evocative Wisetree’s, graphic novels Starsewn, Medusa and Evolve, are all deeply rooted in nature and myth. Prompting a rare kind of empathy towards his subjects, thoughtful connections between rustic gods and nature spirits, half-humans and heroes, biosphere and biophilia, trees and time, and the realms above and below human experience, blossom. We discover an unfolding meditation on those existential dilemmas that surround us all, and a world of its own in the making. Resonating otherwordliness and sublime beauty. Visit Dante’s Portfolio to see more work.