Lyrical Leylines

Rising Appalachia New Album Leylines 2019. The title Leylines alludes to invisible lines believed to stretch around the world between sacred spaces. Love these folk grooves of Appalachia and world beat fusion harmonics. Leylines = southern flair soul sister songs and lyrical magic.

Rising Appalachia Performing Sassafras From The Leylines Album, As world travelers for nearly two decades, Rising Appalachia have merged multiple global music influences with their own southern roots to create the inviting new folk album, Leylines. Based between Southern Appalachia and New Orleans, sisters Leah + Chloe Smith work with an array of international musicians and the band incorporates everything from simple harmonics with banjos and fiddles, to a wide variety of drums, kalimbas, beatbox, congas, spoons and washboard creating a full mix of world, folk and soul music.