Honey Connoisseur

Honey Aroma And Tasting Wheel © The Honey Connoisseur 

Every taste of honey is an opportunity to learn something about its floral source, region and even the beekeeper’s practices. Tasting and evaluating honey is a skill learned through formal sensory training along with experience. Join honey connoisseur and beekeeper, Carla Marina Marchese ~founder of The American Honey Tasting Society, to learn the methods of sensory analysis used by sommeliers to taste and evaluate honey like an expert March 7th, 2020 1-4 pm at the Berkshire Botanical Garden in Great Barrington. A new concept in the US that started in Italy 40 years ago, the art of honey tasting is as complex as skills used by a wine or olive oil sommelier. If you are looking to improve your knowledge of honey and/or develop tasting skills this workshop is for you. Appropriate for those who appreciate honey and beekeepers alike. Copies of Marchese’s honey bible book The Honey Connoisseur will be available for purchase and signing.

From honey experts C. Marina Marchese, founder of Red Bee Honey and Kim Flottum, editor of Bee Culture Magazine comes this comprehensive introduction to the origin, flavor, and culinary uses of more than 30 varietals of honey, from ubiquitous clover to tangy star thistle to rich, smoky buckwheat. The Honey Connoisseur teaches consumers everything they need to know about how to taste, select, and use a diverse selection of honey. After a brief explanation of how bees produce honey, the authors introduce the concept of terroir, the notion that soil, weather, and other natural phenomena can affect the taste of honey. As with wines, knowing the terroir of a honey varietal helps to inform an understanding of its flavor ~a term she coined honey sommelier.

The book goes on to give a thorough course in the origins of more than 30 different honeys as well as step-by-step instructions, how to taste honey, describe its flavor and determine what other flavors pair best with a particular honey. Also included are simple recipes such as dressings, marinades, and quick desserts and beverages. Beautifully illustrated and designed, The Honey Connoisseur is the perfect book for foodies, beekeepers and locavores alike.