Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Will Be In Apparent Retrograde Motion: February 17 ~ March 10 | June 18 ~ July 12 | October 14 ~ November 3 | 2020.

Mercury retrograde means the planet appears to be moving backward instead of following its usual forward trajectory. Retrograde is an optical illusion. Every planet in the solar system travels around the sun, but they each make the full journey at different speeds. Planets closer to the sun, like Mercury, have a shorter orbit than the ones farther away from the sun, like Earth. So, when Mercury laps Earth, it looks as if Mercury is traveling backward, according to the Farmers’ Almanac. To account for the difference between our perception and the reality, astronomers call this illusion apparent retrograde movement.

Mercury is the planet that governs communication and expression, this includes technology and transportation. For those who believe that Mercury influences certain aspects of our lives, when the planet appears to be moving backward, we shouldn’t count on any of these parts of our lives moving forward at a normal pace. A nice reminder to get organized and slow down. Beneficial Mercury Retrograde Practices: 1) Carry an Aquamarine stone in your pocket. 2) Write down a list of things you are grateful for. 3) Back up your computer. 4) Triple check appointment times + schedules. 5) Remain flexible. 6) Practice patience. May The Force Be With You. ☿◯⭐☪☾✩★